The Damascus Blank Blade AB05 is a high-quality, custom-made knife blade that is ideal for knife enthusiasts, collectors, and artisans looking to create a one-of-a-kind knife. The blade is crafted from premium-quality Damascus steel, renowned for its strength, durability, and beauty.

Material and Design:

The AB05 blade is made from premium-quality Damascus steel, a type of steel known for its unique patterned appearance that is created by welding together multiple layers of different types of steel. This process not only gives the steel its distinctive appearance but also enhances its strength and durability.

The AB05 blade has a full tang design, which means that the steel of the blade extends into the handle, providing extra strength and balance to the knife. The blade has a sharp point and a curved edge, making it ideal for a range of cutting tasks.

Dimensions and Weight:

The AB05 blade has an overall length of 7.5 inches, with a blade length of 3.5 inches. The blade is 2 inches wide at its widest point, with a thickness of 3mm. The blade weighs 3.8 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Potential Uses:

The AB05 blade is versatile and can be used for a range of cutting tasks, such as slicing, chopping, and dicing. The sharp point makes it ideal for piercing through tough materials, while the curved edge is perfect for slicing through softer materials.

The AB05 blade can be used to create custom knives for a range of purposes, including hunting, camping, and survival. It is also suitable for use in the kitchen, as a chef’s knife or utility knife.

Care and Maintenance:

To ensure that the AB05 blade retains its sharp edge and beautiful appearance, it is important to take proper care of it. The blade should be cleaned after each use, using warm water and mild soap. It should then be dried thoroughly and stored in a dry place.

To prevent rust and corrosion, the blade should be oiled regularly with high-quality oil, such as mineral oil or food-grade oil. It is also important to avoid exposing the blade to moisture for extended periods of time.


Overall, the Damascus Blank Blade AB05 is a high-quality, custom-made blade that is perfect for knife enthusiasts, collectors, and artisans looking to create a unique and functional knife. With its premium-quality Damascus steel construction and versatile design, this blade is sure to impress.


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