The Damascus Blank Blade AB09 is a high-quality knife blade blank that is designed for professional knife makers and DIY enthusiasts. This blade blank is made using the traditional technique of forging Damascus steel, which results in a beautiful and unique pattern on the blade.

Material and Construction:

The blade blank is made of high-quality Damascus steel, which is a type of steel made by combining different types of steel to create a layered pattern. This technique gives the blade its unique and stunning look and also makes it strong and durable.

The blade is a full-tang design, meaning that the steel of the blade extends all the way through the handle, providing strength and stability. This allows for a more comfortable and secure grip, as well as better balance and control when using the knife.

Design and Dimensions:

The blade blank has a classic drop point design, which is a versatile shape that is suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks. The blade has a length of 9 inches, making it suitable for larger knives.

The blade features a unique and intricate pattern on its surface, created by the forging process. The pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also enhances the strength and durability of the blade.


The Damascus Blank Blade AB09 is a versatile blade blank that can be used to create a variety of knives, including hunting knives, chef’s knives, and tactical knives. The blade is suitable for a range of cutting tasks, including slicing, chopping, and carving.


The Damascus Blank Blade AB09 is a high-quality blade blank that is perfect for professional knife makers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its unique and stunning pattern, combined with its strength and durability, make it an excellent choice for a wide range of knives. Whether you’re looking to create a hunting knife, chef’s knife, or tactical knife, the Damascus Blank Blade AB09 is a great option.


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